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 Our History

Biotope was created by a group of four scientist friends with a common passion for plants and wildlife. In 1992 these scientists took the gamble of making ecological expertise a profession of the future. At the time, issues relating to biodiversity were rarely taken into consideration, but our pioneers sensed that the environment was due to become a major societal concern.

Specialising in expertise and knowledge of natural habitats, the Biotope team performs, amongst other things, strategic environmental evaluation for all types of development project. Biotope is also a major decision-maker when it comes to nature conservation, playing a significant role in the deployment of the Natura 2000 network in France. In order to carry out these missions, Biotope brings together the best fauna, flora, landscape and communication experts, and develops the latest technologies from its Research and Development centre.

fred melkiFrédéric Melki –Founder of Biotope


• A rich and diversified catalogue

• Prestigious partners

• Valued and recognised contents

In order to make the environment a fundamental issue for our society, Biotope created its very own communication agency and publishing house, with the Parthénope collection. The quality of books in this collection, notably the identification guides in the series ‘France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland’, have been commended by many users, both amateur and professional. The books are now part of every nature lovers essential collection. Biotope’s books are also recognised for their stunning images. The majority of shots within the books are unpublished and were taken out in the field with a constant respect for species in mind. Biotope is committed to the widespread dissemination of scientific knowledge and since 2000 it has closed deals with prestigious organisations such as the national Natural History Museum, as editor of books blending rigour and boldness. An example of this is the Inventary & Biodiversity collection.


This is a platform of services and products designed for natural scientists.

Today, by creating the Club, Biotope hopes to offer to nature-lovers, professionals and amateurs alike, a range of the most complete products possible, in order that they satisfy their passion.