16th  international bat  research conference - Costa Ricalogo

 Date : 11-15 august 2013
Location : San José (Costa Rica)

Biotope will be present at the 16th international bat research conference.
The meeting will take place from August 11 to 15 in Costa Rica, a country
where we find the largest number of species of bats in the world.

grand rhinoMembers of the Innovation division of Biotope will make several speeches to present the tools they have developed: SonoChiro®, Sonospot® and Chirotech®.

The Neotropical Version (Central America + Amazon Basin) of SonoChiro will be officially launched at the beginning of the conference.
Our team will be happy to present you the software, at the stand Biotope.

More information on the conference website
More information about the Sonochiro software